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Up Cubed is a 3-dimensional cooperative or competitive building game that I co-invented. The objective was to invent a game with a good mix of skill and fun and could be played by a variety of players.


The game starts with a very small base piece and players take turns placing blocks piece by piece and layer by layer. The goal is to build a structure as high as possible without having it collapse. Only two unfinished layers are allowed and players cannot go any higher until the lowest partial layer is completed. The player who completes a layer gets a point and receives a single cube. At the end of the game, the player with the most point cubes wins. As the structure builds upward, it also extends outward and becomes less stable. The taller the structure, the more precarious the play – the challenge is to place pieces without causing the structure to collapse. Game play continues until the tower falls down.

  • Cubes are made from 5/8 inch yellow birch wood

  • 216 game pieces are made from 512 individual cubes glued together to form a variety of shapes

  • A canvas bag is included for storage of game pieces

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